[Friday Joy Infusion] Jump off the business treadmill – running in place isn’t very joyful

Are you passionate about the service you offer but feel stuck trying to always find more clients to help?

Are you frustrated with feeling limited by the money you can make by the number of hours you work?

There is a definite way OFF this treadmill!

It took me about 2 years into my own business when I realized that my income was capped at how many clients I could coach… then I got wise and started leveraging my time and my expertise.

THAT’S when my business took off!

Maybe you have an inkling how that works, but there are some secrets that you just haven’t figured out.

Here is a FREE opportunity to get behind the scenes information and start shifting your business success!

The world needs what you have to offer, so…

Join us for:

The Help More Clients Now, Business Success Summit!
Helping women entrepreneurs to leverage their passion and expertise.
ch 4 – 15

The event is hosted by my colleague, Kaya Singer from Awakening Business, and during these two weeks, I’ll be speaking… along with eight other amazing business and marketing experts, including Karyn Greenstreet, Connie Regan Green, and more business lovelies!.

We are going to share our secrets with you and tell you how you can tap into a new way to run your business that will allow you to help more clients AND give them even more value, while at the same time staying in alignment with your purpose and passion!

This isn’t going to be just a series of interviews leaving you wondering, “Now what?” – but a hands-on experience where each speaker gives you at least one tip you can apply right away.


Click HERE to join us for the Help More Clients Now Business Success Summit.


These expert women leaders will share with you how to:

  • Transform your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Package your expertise instead of billing by the hour
  • Put your message out into the world in a way that draws people back over and over (and keeps your bank account full)
  • Bring in new income streams that give even more value
  • Make a big impact with a small list
  • Shift into a wealthy woman leadership model – and create a lifestyle that you love while you serve at an even deeper level

Join us and be the entrepreneur you are meant to be! Sign-up here.

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