[Friday Joy Infusion] It’s Lazy. It’s Crazy. It’s Hazy. It’s a Summer Sale.

It's hot. Sometimes it's crazy hot, and we want to just laze around by the pool!

Enter Shannon Cherry's Lazy Hazy Crazy Summer Sale. She's put together a really cool $10 sale so you have plenty of reading and listening material while you are poolside!

She’s once again turned the whole ‘sale’ concept on its ear! Instead of buying a big package of stuff you don't need, you only choose what you want – and get it for only $10! (Of course, you can buy as many as you want – and the price will still be $10 per item!)

You won’t want to miss these great items from trusted people you know, including Shannon, Gina Bell, Nancy Marmolejo, Christine Gallagher, Felicia Slattery, Kristen Eckstein– and me – for only TEN BUCKS!

You can check out these great deals at http://LazyHazyCrazySale.com



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