[Friday Joy Infusion] Intuitive Vision Doodling, Markers, Energy Expansion, Sticky Notes – Want to know more?

The fun side of creativity in business…

Can you imagine a place where it’s actually okay – and encouraged! – to play with sticky notes, markers, doodles, colored pencils?

I truly believe each of us is creative in our own ways, and I am here to help you develop that further – and to help you bring it out into your business so that you stand out and get your work out into the world more powerfully.

That’s where the Creative Business Studio comes in… it’s a place where women entrepreneurs (and maybe a few wise and brave men!) gather to unleash their creativity in their business.

And it’s a place where you can come, too!

Don’t worry… you don’t have to be artistic. My whole goal is to help you tap into your innate creativity – that is absolutely there! No artistic experience required!

This month, I’ll be helping you tap into the vision for your creative business dreams.

We’ll be creating your own Vivid Vision Story. We’ll use Intuitive Vision Doodling to bring out the fun, creative, deep-down passion of your vision.

Read on to get all the details.

Here’s a picture of what a Creative Business Studio is like – and how fun and creative it can be!

Date: Friday, November 2nd
Topic: Creating Your Inspiring and Empowering Vision for 2013!
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: The Workspot – Downtown Duluth (It’s not far from Atlanta. Don’t be afraid to come out into the ‘burbs!)
Price: Only $47 for this creatively rich ½-day experience! But the price goes up on October 30!


Yes, I want more details on how to sign up for the Creative Business Studio!


Are you ready to awaken your creativity and vision in your business?



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