[Friday Joy Infusion] Here’s an interview about creativity in business I thought you might enjoy…


I am so excited to be the featured guest on the podcast, Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robbins.



In the interview, “Creativity and Creating a Joyful Business,” I share why it’s important to build your business from the inside-out, starting with yourself. Being happy and feeling fulfilled in your business makes you more likely to be creative, confident and innovative, and ultimately in a better place to serve your clients powerfully.

I also provide techniques for settling yourself down and grounding you as well as get the inspiration flowing at the same time. (This is a big part of the programs I lead – and my clients love it!)

I share insights into how to be more creative in business as well as what kind of results you can expect when you have fun while working. When you remember to have fun and bring passion and excitement to your work, you get dramatically different results than if you just check something off a list! Whether you consider yourself creative or not, knowing how to focus on moving forward in your business, being authentic, and still remembering to have fun will add more money and ultimately more fulfillment to your life.

Listen to my interview, subscribe to Fresh Tracks – and above all else, rate my episode with five stars because I know you’ll love it!

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