[Friday Joy Infusion] Coaches – Last Chance! I know you’re busy, but that’s why you need this


This message is especially for coaches… I know we have a lot of you in our community, so I really want to make sure you know about this special opportunity!

We get so busy building our businesses – and managing our email inboxes! – that sometimes we miss some really good stuff that comes our way that will help us be even more successful.

One of those things you might have missed is the Giveaway for Coaches!

Top industry experts, including me, are giving away some really amazing gifts to help you build your coaching business.

These aren’t just hyped up freebies… these are real products of theirs that they’re offering to you – for free – during this giveaway.

There are gifts covering all areas of business:

  • Sales conversations
  • List building
  • Online marketing
  • Networking
  • Group coaching
  • Signature talk
  • Teleclasses
  • Content creation
  • Book
  • Client retention
  • Copywriting templates
  • Outsourcing
  • Website

All the business building tools you need for a successful coaching practice!


The Last Day for the Giveaway For Coaches is TODAY!

To claim your free gifts, head on over to the Giveaway for Coaches site today and gain instant access to your goodies (don’t overlook the Creative Module I share as well!):

Oh, and also check out the contest details while you’re there—this is your opportunity to win some additional great business-building trainings…


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