[Friday Joy Infusion] Big Dreams Require Big Plans (and markers!)


You have BIG dreams, and those BIG dreams require big plans (and usually some big markers!).

And while “plan” might not be exactly what you think of when you’re dreaming, you’re also savvy enough to know that without a plan, those dreams won’t come true.

I’ve been told I have a unique way of taking people through the marketing process that makes it amazingly fun. And when it’s fun, you’re more likely to actually do it – and feel confident about it. You actually WANT to do it…

Do you crave a plan that you’re excited about and that you’ll actually engage with? (Sounds a lot more fun than “work the plan.”)

My Virtual Private Creative Retreats are a whole-brain approach to a marketing plan to help you move forward with your creative projects (those dreams!) and your marketing plans.

These four-hour virtual retreats are a creative experience that is a differnt way of looking at your marketing… honoring your right-brained creative side and making use of the practical, focused commitment of the left side of the brain.

It’s only $997 for the 4-hour retreat, plus a pre-retreat planning call. (A really great deal actually!)

You can choose to pay at once or a two-pay option of $550 deposit and $550 in 30 days.

This really is a great opportunity to get some one-on-one time with my creative eyes and marketing smarts looking at your business. I really love this work and can’t wait to help you make more of a Creative Inspirational Leader impact!

Just to let you know…I only have a handful of retreat dates available, and you need to be in touch with me by Friday, November 1 to hold your spot.

So, if you have any questions or you know you are interested, go ahead and send me an email and we can get you set up! (Just hit “reply.”)

I’m looking forward to these Creative Retreats… they are so fun and so productive!

Oh, and did I mention we’ll use markers?



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