[Friday Joy Infusion] Are You Scared To Have Fun in Your Business?


Do you feel like you want to have more fun in your business?

And yet… you have is niggling voice inside of you that says, “But if it’s fun then it’s not REALLY valuable?!

Do you love the idea of being more creatively alive, bringing more passion into your business because you know how powerful, engaging, and attractive that is?

BUT still… there is a part of you that doubts the validity of creativity, passion, and fun in business? That you’re not a “serious” business owner if you let out your creativity and have fun?

And… OMGoddess! What IF your clients discovered that you have a whole other side of you that is wildly expressive, has opinions, loves to share new ideas, and is a real person full of passionate adventures and dreams!

What would they think about you?

Chances are…they would LOVE you even more!

Part of my own journey has been to change my way of thinking that if it’s fun or creative, it must not be valuable or it somehow will lesson the importance of my message. And yet I know deep in my heart that that isn’t really true…

One of the big shifts I’ve made is to learn (and trust) that your creative voice is what makes you attractive! It’s what makes you engaging and helps you to stand out – in a very authentic and real way. It’s like HONEY to bears!

Part of my mission is to help YOU embrace your creative spirit, your beloved passions and your true values, and put them into a business that helps you been seen and heard!

What I know for sure…

When you embrace your personal creative power, you’re more open to opportunities.

You’re more creative in your marketing and that makes your marketing naturally engaging.

You’re more confident, and it’s easier to make those calls to prospective clients.

You’re more attractive. People want to be around you and work with you!

Clients and Joint Venture Opportunities Abound!

So, if you’ve been looking at Business Fusion Studio and thinking, “I love this idea, but I can’t make a case for investing in creativity and fun…”

Think twice.

Passion, creativity, and fun is just what your business needs!

So, invest in your fun. Invest in your passion. Invest in your creativity.

Invest in your business. Invest in you.


Check out the details on the Business Fusion Studio site.


The first Personal Creativity Module, Create An Intuitive Joy Journal, will be live on Monday, May 6. (You can still get in on the special early bird pricing for the All-Access Pass!)

Shall we have fun together? 🙂

And trust where it will take us and our businesses?!

See you in the Studio!



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