[Friday Joy Infusion] A Passion Project Come To Life & YOU Get to Benefit! Don’t Miss This!


I am so thrilled to be able to share an amazing 30 Day Passion Project come to life!

My dear friend and colleague, Ellen Britt, from Marketing Qi, has had a dream. It’s an idea to create a “daily deal” type of program, created exclusively for women entrepreneurs.


Ellen worked on her big dream idea in THREE of my 30-Day Passion Project Programs, and I am so pleased to announce that it’s launching!!

It’s called Pink Coattails – it’s a website, growing community, and a place to get “fabulous finds” – just for women like you & me!

Remember that old expression about riding into political office on the back of someone else’s coattails?

When you think about it, that’s a pretty powerful concept: tagging onto someone else’s success to help you increase your own.

… ride to success on the coattails of other successful women.

Only this time, instead of those coattails being a drab tuxedo black, they are a bright, beautiful, vibrant PINK!



You see, there’s a whole new world out there, one where women business owners are playing an absolutely vital part, because, as women, we naturally want to have successful businesses, AND… we want to support other entrepreneurs, both women and men, who we can feel good about. Great people who are not only producing extraordinary products and services that will help us grow our own businesses (and lives!), but who are doing good in the world as well.

So I’m just tickled pink (Sorry! I had to!) to join Ellen and the PinkCoatTails crew as one of her select Pink 100 partners. Together we’ll be bringing you delicious deals on the latest online marketing products, programs and services, as well as fabulous finds like that gorgeous pen or beautiful journal… and so much more!

So skip on over to PinkCoatTails right now… it’s completely free to join and the first delicious deal will be coming your way very soon, so don’t miss out…

Besides, you’ll look pretty in pink!

PinkCoatTails.com that is!




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