[Friday Joy Infusion] A Few of My Favorite Things…

Today I have so many great things to share with you! I’m surrounded by people who are up to really amazing projects and programs so I’m doing to do one of my “Here are My Favorite Things” messages.

Here goes…

#1: NAMS Conference – you gotta go to this!

I just returned from the NAMS Conference here in Atlanta. I’ve been to the last several, and it’s become truly #1 on my list of conferences to go to really learn about marketing. They have 4 track levels for different biz experience, and the teachers are experts who know their stuff AND they actually teach you – not just sell you.

Plus the community (as you’ve probably seen from the photos and videos on FB) is so open and generous. Like no other conference I’ve been to.

They are also evolving their brand, and they are changing the acronym for NAMS to stand for “Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems” – that’s really what you get!

Plan on joining me in August – I’d love to see you there!

#2: Janis Petitt’s How to Sell With Webinars

Many of you may know that Janis is a part of my mastermind group. I’ve seen her grow her business firsthand using webinars. I’m impressed and hope to follow in her brilliance!

She always delivers top-notch training, so if webinars is a part of your marketing plans, I highly recommend her program to help you create not just “a” webinar – but a systems of webinars that will draw people to your business consistently. (It’s really amazing how she does it!)


#3: 30-Day Passion Project

I just have to make sure you know about this program! I feel like I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs *dare to embrace their courage* and create a Passion Project!

I have so many heartfelt and brilliant success stories about how others have used this 30-day creative incubator to step into their Creative Inspirational Leadership!

Want to join us? Details and registration here.

We officially kickoff February 25, but if you join TODAY, you get a great price AND a special bonus product I’m finishing up about Creating Powerful Vision Boards! Hope to see you in the program, too!

Lots of great opportunities for you, and they all come with my highest recommendation! I hope you find something (or somethings) that will help you with exactly where you are and where you want to go!



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