Free & Helpful Templates, Checklists, & Cheat Sheets

by Laura West

It seems to be a common theme in the entrepreneur world this fall. The paradox between working hard to achieve the success you want and having the time to enjoy the flexibility and freedom of having your own business.

It’s one of the reasons why you wanted your own business, right?

I know from my 15 years experience as an entrepreneur… Working harder isn’t the answer.

You must work smarter by using leverage.

One way to leverage is to learn from others who have achieved the success and walked the path you want to walk.

Here is a smart way to leverage other people’s expertise and advice…

Business Leverage Expert Christine Gallagher has gathered together an impressive collection of business templates, tools, and resources — all free!

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Christine pulled together leaders and service providers to collectively pay it forward by giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts of business templates, tools, and resources.

Here are just a few of the INCREDIBLE GOODIES being given away:

  • High-converting webinar outline
  • Launch sequence template
  • Online hiring success formula
  • Facebook funnel template
  • Inbound marketing blueprint
  • Facebook ads targeting cheat sheet
  • Run-your-own-Mastermind business plan
  • Sales conversation training
  • LinkedIn cheat sheet
  • Follow-up email templates
  • Online and offline event planning guide
  • Prepare to launch checklist
  • Profitable email newsletter toolkit
  • Irresistible free offer template
  • And A LOT more!

(I’m giving away a Business Basics Inventory Checklist and Audio.)

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The Get Clients Online Giveaway is only open for a short time, so head over there now. Here are some more great gifts you can get access to!

  • Brand Clarity Masterclass
  • Keyword Marketing Secrets Report
  • The Perfect Marketing Funnel
  • Automated Client Strategy Session System
  • Create & Fill Your First Mastermind in 2 Weeks or Less
  • Design Your Signature Program Template
  • 12 Things A Speaker Cannot Afford to Be Without
  • And MUCH more!

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