Free Teleseries Begins Tomorrow!


The excitement is rising! I’ve heard from a lot of people who are registered for the What Got You Here Won’t Get You There teleseries can’t WAIT for it to start tomorrow!

This teleseries is like no other I’ve ever offered before – and probably like no other you’ve attended.

I’m going deeper… richer… more profound.

The entire teleseries is free, and the first class in the series is tomorrow:

Wednesday, February 18: A New Business Playground for Creative Entrepreneurs To Do It Different!

(The other two classes are Wednesday, February 25: The Inner Creative Journey Leads To Outer Success and Friday, February 27: Ignite Your Courage and Creativity in Life & Business.)

In these 3 teleclasses I’m going to share more about my story and those of my clients and practical ways you can determine what you need to do differently to get to your “there!”

  • Why “doing what you have done to get you where you are today, will absolutely NOT work for where you want to go” (it actually goes against the laws of nature!)
  • Understand without a doubt… What it’s time to do different in your business – if you are truly ready to grow – including stop stressing your nervous system with the flash mob marketing mentality!
  • The 7 common problems with current business and marketing teaching for creative entrepreneurs – yes, there is a reason all this traditional marketing formula talk makes you feel ill!
  • What is possible for you when you take back your marketing power and how to do this!
  • How and why you need to create space for creativity and ignite your creative expression NOW! (In your business AND your life!)
  • 5 ways Creativity in Business is absolutely critical to your success in this techno-drenched, time-starved world – you’ll want to listen closely as a creative-type!
  • You’ll also be inspired by stories of others who have stepped into their courage and creativity and experienced clarity, insights and lovely expansion in their businesses.
  • How to break the shackles of old outdated marketing messages that don’t work for today’s lifestyle business owner…and certainly don’t work for intuitive, sensitive women who want a different way of doing business!
  • Oh yes…I’ve heard you ask, ”Laura, I love all your creative art projects – but really, what does THAT have to do with my business?” Art projects are just one way to get your creative juices flowing… and I’ll share more about jumpstarting your creative flow on the calls!
  • And more!


Join us for all three Free Teleclasses in the series!


Looking forward to YOU joining us tomorrow!

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