Why is Following Up Really So Fabulous?

by Laura West

One of the most powerful success habits you can do every day is Fun & Fabulous Follow Up!

Making it a habit to follow up with someone every day will increase your connections and network for sure.

But the magic is in making it genuine, being curious and making it meaningful. When you follow up in this way… it becomes fun!

Something happens… you start feeling more abundant.

You feel more confident.

You get more in touch with being a whole-hearted leader in your business… and your life!

You take on the joyful responsibility of being a person who reaches out and connects.

The flow in your business starts moving. The more you reach out and nurture relationships… the more relationships you look for to nurture!

And then it comes back to you.

It starts with that positive and expansive feeling inside and then you see those nurturing seeds you’ve planted blossom into clients, referrals, repeat clients, speaking opportunities, supportive conversations and so much more!

I know sometimes it’s hard to kickstart the habit of following up, of looking for people to follow up with.

That’s because no one has taught you how.

I’m going to do that in my new Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge!

It’s an easy challenge.

It’ll be fun.

I tell you what to do with all those business cards.

Who to follow up with if you don’t go to local networking events.

I give you surprising ideas about following up.

I share ideas for how to make it genuine and interesting.

As soon as you join you get some fun videos that answer some of these questions.

You can do this!

And it WILL change your business!

Join us now at the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge.

I can’t wait to see you there!

PS: Here’s what my client and friend Nancy has to say about the last Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge…

When I started Laura’s 30-Day Fun and Fabulous Follow Up class, I knew I would not be disappointed. I have taken a number of tele-classes from Laura and she always delivers a great product. I was feeling stuck and unmotivated about my business before I took Laura’s class. By showing up each and every day and simply following up with a minimum of three people, I have shifted my energy and created a new group coaching program which will launch in June. Here’s what I loved about this simple yet profound practice of reaching out to three people every day. It was easy, fun, energizing, motivating and I could see my progress every day by using Laura’s tracking sheet. I averaged five calls per day and made some wonderful connections. The most important benefit for me is how I feel about myself and my business. As a result of this class, I have learned that reaching out to connect with people authentically, because I care about them, is a win-win. I will definitely take this class again and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to connect with others in a fun, loving and genuine way. -Nancy Jambor, Success Coach, NancyJambor.com

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