JBTV – Following the Energy to Grow Your Business

Welcome to the last Friday in September! Can you believe it?

You are probably thinking about 4th quarter and what you can do in your business to end it strong.

Sometimes I can feel that 4th quarter pressure. You know, that pressure for the last few months of the year – make the money, get the program done and out, etc…

I learned years ago that I am not a pressure and grind kind of gal. I don’t do well with pressure and stress and trying to whip myself into success.

What works for me is a balance of energetic and practical productivity.

One way I do that is by following my energy.

Sounds kinda loosey-goosey, woo-woo, right?

Hey, I’m a lover of creating the vision and plans… but once I’m IN it, I have to trust my intuition, where the energy is flowing, and know how to feed my creativity and inspiration.

That’s what I talk about on today’s episode of Joyful Business TV!

I share more about my process of using energy alignment to create a successful, soul-full, six figure+ business for myself and my clients.

In this episode I share:
*Recognize how the universe speaks to you
*Using your body as a receptor for messages
*Signals, clues and synchronicities
*Stories of the amazing success, messages and clarity I’ve gotten through following the energy

And so much more!

You can watch this episode here!

You can also watch Joyful Business TV on your TV or laptop!

Just go to Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV! Search for the WIN WIN Women Show and browse for Joyful Business TV.

I hope you enjoy JBTV – it’s a refreshing authentic new way to grow your business… from the inside out!

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Please feel free to send me an email or comment on social media!

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