Reminder: Today is the Last Chance to Sign Up for Fun & Fab Follow Up – Want to Join Us?

by Laura West

I’m sitting on my deck enjoying a cup of tea, just finished writing my Morning Pages and am going to write a few emails to follow up with the gals who came to the Pop Up Success Café on Friday.

We had an amazing gathering of smart, creative and passionate women. Even the waitress was eavesdropping and got excited!

There is something about being in community that connects you to your inspiration and confidence.

We even had Melinda Thomas who drove almost 3 hours to plug into the energy and rich connections!

I have another community gathering starting tomorrow. We have almost 70 business owners from around the world coming together for the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge.

Last time I led this program it was so energizing and truly shifted this success habit of following up and reaching out to make it exciting!

Have you been thinking about joining us?

I can honestly say it could be one of the best programs you’ve done!

It’s about stimulating those good vibes.

It’s easy. I give you lots of ideas. I give you practical systems and steps.

You get to be creative, authentic and real. And do it together in a community where everyone gets excited for each other!

We start tomorrow so go ahead and sign up, so you’ll be ready to go tomorrow!

Here are the details: Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge.

We have a wonderful, excited group from around the world – so you’ll be sure to be inspired!

PS: Let’s stir up some positive energy in your tribe! You get to have fun, develop a new daily success habit and be in the flow of connection and abundance! Ok, go ahead and sign up and then get back to enjoying your day of relaxation! I hope to see you tomorrow!

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