Create Fun & Fabulous Follow Up with This 30-Day Challenge

by Laura West

Follow Up.

Every business coach talks about how important it is.

And yet there’s so much resistance with it.

Why is that?

First, I know many of us don’t want to look (or feel) salesy or pushy.

We also don’t know who is appropriate to follow up with.

Or how many times can we follow up before we enter the salesy territory?

Most clients when they first come to me have a Follow Up Strategy that looks something like this…

  1. Meet someone.
  2. You get their business card.
  3. If they said specifically they want to talk about working with you then you call or email them. Once.
  4. If they are just a great person and you’re not sure if they are ready for your services or might just be a referral partner… you put their card on your desk on the pile. You know… the pile of other business cards where you intend to follow up… one day…

(Hey, I know this story… I used to have one of those big piles on my desk. And my pile had a voice. It would say things like… Hey Laura… if you were really good at running a business then you would call these people and they would all become instant clients. Then I would feel all sorts of guilt and shame and pressure of great expectations.)

Then I created my own Fun & Fabulous Follow Up game. I made connecting to people fun. I got curious. I became more generous. I assumed people are up to great things in the world and I might be able to help them or they will know someone who will.

Doing this – will change everything!

  • It will change your energy. You’ll feel more abundance, more in the flow and connecting from a place of generosity.
  • It’ll change how you feel about Follow Up. You’ll feel like it’s fun – so you know what? You’ll actually do it!
  • It’ll change your confidence in knowing how important it is for you to show up! It connects you to your purpose.
  • It will get you clients and referrals!
  • It will keep you top of mind so when people are ready for your services – they think of you!

You gotta make it fun and fabulous – that’s the secret sauce!

That’s the magnetic attraction factor!

And be consistent. Every day.

I so want this energy infusion for you… so you can experience abundance, flow and success in your business!

To help get this new follow up habit started and make it fun and fabulous for YOU, I’ve turned this into a fun game…

Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge.

This is a super affordable and fun way to jumpstart the flow in your business. Whether you are brand new or you’ve been around for a while and need an energetic infusion.

I just started doing this 3 years ago and it has made a huge difference in my business… clients start working with me sooner (less financial down time), clients remembering me when they were ready to hire a business coach, new speaking opportunities, unexpected signups, and more referrals than I’ve ever gotten before!

Why don’t you join me and get your mojo going in your business? Here’s the link to the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge.

I promise it’ll be inspiring as soon as you sign up! (That’s priceless isn’t it?!)

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