Monday We Start a Crazy Rampage of Fun Follow Up Appreciation!

by Laura West

I hope you’ve had a good week so far. What’s on your JoyFlow Sightings list?

In other words… what’s working in your business and your life? Where’s the joy flowing?

Taking the time to appreciate where the goodness lives in your daily life is energy-shifting and connects you to your powerful heart energy.

That’s the same principle that is underlying the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge next week. The goal of the challenge is to connect with 3 people every day and send them good vibes, check in and be helpful, keep conversations moving, invite them to a conversation and be curious.

Do that every day for 30 days and see how your attitude, confidence and that feeling of being authentically connected will grow!

I also know that we can start off with good intentions to bring a new habit into our day like connecting with 3 people a day… the reality is it can be hard to keep a new habit going.

Questions like:

  • Who do I follow up with?
  • How do I make it fun?
  • How many times do I follow up?
  • Is it ok to just reach out and wish them a good day?

I’ll be giving you the answers for these questions and more!

And giving you all sorts of easy, authentic and inspirational ways to reach out and be in conversation.

That’s really how things get done in our world…through conversations.

If this approach speaks to you then come join us in the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge.

You’ll even get a cool tracking sheet to keep you focused each and every day!

We have quite a fun group of business owners of all types from all around the world joining in! I hope you will too!

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