Firing Up Your 30 Day Passion Project – starts Friday!

The energy coming from the 30 Day Passion Project group of women business owners is palpable!  

They are each in various stages of JoyFEAR!  Excited to launch, to get clear, to take bitesize-steps, to make real a dream program where they are expressing their passion in their businesses in richer, bolder and more creative way than ever before!

Here's a Visual Map of my own Passion Project!  I'm in that JoyFEAR place too!  Excited and yet wondering if it's too much/too little…yadda, yadda!


I've also been working on the fun creative tools and messages that will help all these passion-based women keep the Focus & flow during the 30 Days!

Got an idea for a Passion Project?

You can still join us!  We launch Friday, June 1st!

You can read more about it at 30 Day Passion Projects.

Feel the Shift! See the Resuls!


The goal is to take bite-size actions every day for 30 days and experience where the Flowmentum will take you!

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