Finding the Wonder and Awe in Your Business

It’s Monday. Are you thinking…”What do I GET to do in my business this week?”

You can choose to think of your business as one draggy list of things to-do, that you have to trudge through, so that you can get to the part you love…which is delivering your expertise…your medicine.

Or you can choose to shift the “business stuff “and have it become part of the love too.

Marketing, making videos, writing your newsletter (ahem!), cleaning your email, organizing your office, even paying your taxes…all that business stuff.

You can shift your relationship with your business when you choose to look through eyes of wonder and awe.

I remember around 1997 I read the book, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I loved the book except for the part where she talked about your daily rounds.

Basically, she was talking about cleaning up your house. Yeah, right…I was skeptical or even felt condescending. That wasn’t my reality with a little newborn baby, full-time job and feeling the stress of traveling all over the country in my corporate marketing job.

I started shifting that perspective when I was introduced to choosing your thoughts.

You can create your reality with your thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

I started realizing that when I was cleaning, organizing or puttering around the house…I was spreading love.

(Ok, I still don’t love cleaning, but I do feel how my soul enjoys loving on my home.)

The same shift can happen in your business.

You can choose looking at your business where assuming everything is for your expansion and growth.

Become wildly curious and grateful for the daily ways you can love ON your business.

The universe is set up to naturally expand, grow and create. Think about your garden, the forest, or if you’ve watched Fantastic Fungi on Netflix (thanks for the recommendation Elaine!)…you’ll get that the cycle of life is about constant growth, decay, creation.

It’s fascinating when you think about it. (Watch the Fungi movie if you need inspiration.)

Your business is included. Everything is!

You are constantly being asked to create, grow, let go, and expand.

Every day.

Why not approach it with wonder, awe, curiosity…and love?

You create when you write that article about a new topic. You create when you design that new package. You create when you hop on video and share your inspired message.

You grow each and every time you step into one of these projects. You are being stretched to be more visible, to share your voice more frequently and to a larger audience with a deeper and more passionate message.

These healthy challenges are what make life interesting.

Letting go happens each time you decide to say NO. No to a networking group that used to fill your well, and it doesn’t have that same feeling. Letting go of old dreams because the world has changed, and you have too.

What if you don’t have to beat yourself up when you let go? What if you look at it as a natural part of the life cycle in business?

This week…

  • Create 2 sticky notes that say, “Wonder & Awe” and one that says “I GET to…”
  • Put them on your computer or somewhere where you’ll see them throughout the day.
  • Check in several times a day and let yourself see the wonder, awe and amazingness of what you are up to!

Let yourself love on your business.

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