JBTV -Favorite Soul Marketing Episodes!

Happy Friday to you!

I am taking a break this month from creating new Joyful Business TV shows. I need an opportunity to slow down, celebrate 2022 and plan 2023 more fully. (I hope you are getting an opportunity to do the same!)

This is a great opportunity for you to catch up on your favorite Joyful Business TV shows – either watch missed episodes or re-watch your favorites!

I’ve pulled out a few of my favorite episodes for you about the top marketing topics my clients like to hear about:

Episode #10: Who is in Your Soul Tribe?

Episode #14: Embrace Your Authentic Marketing Style

Episode #15: Fun & Fabulous Follow Up

Episode #26: Creating a Website You Love to Share

Episode #30: Create Signature Content that Engages & Attracts

These are 30 minute soul strategies for your business! Perfect for that drive or flight – put on the airpods and immerse yourself in the Joyful Business approach to growing your business!

I hope you are enjoying all the beauty and friendship all around!

You can watch these episodes here!

PS: Have you checked out the Joyful Business Studio? It’s the perfect way to apply these Soul Strategy topics to growing your business. We have an amazing community! You’ll learn lots and love the authentic creative approach!

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