Even Executive Coaches Who Don’t Network Love This…

by Laura West

What if I don’t go to networking meetings? What if I don’t meet tons of people and exchange business cards?

These are some of the questions I’m getting from many people in the Joyful Business community especially Executive and Leadership Coaches about Fun & Fabulous Follow Up.

They don’t typically go to networking meetings. They don’t exchange a lot of business cards.

You don’t have to have a big stack of business cards on your desk for this to be an amazing daily success habit for you.

Here are some situations where having a fun & fabulous daily follow up and reach out system would help expand your business:

1. You work mostly by referrals and you don’t do a lot of networking.

What if you reached out to those referral partners consistently and kept them up to date on your services? What if you just send them kind notes and stayed top of mind? What if they appreciated you and wanted to keep sending the right people your way?

2. I’ve had lots of Executive and Leadership Coaches who have fewer but bigger clients and have used Fun & Fabulous Follow Up approach to keep top of mind so when their potential clients are ready to invest in team or professional coaching, they are the one they call.

3. You have past clients who love you.

What if you consistently stayed in touch with past clients? Checking to see how they are doing. Appreciating their promotions and projects on LinkedIn. Sending them relevant articles that talk about issues you know are important to them. Wouldn’t they come back to coaching sooner? Yes! They would also be your greatest fan to bring you into the organization for other projects.

Here’s one success story from a client about Fun & Fabulous Follow Up…

One of my clients is a Leadership Coach in the healthcare industry. Her client, a CEO of a hospital association, completed coaching after years of leadership coaching. She consistently stayed in touch over many months, but never heard anything back from him about her emails. She stayed true to her commitment of authentic follow up. She recently sent him an article from Brené Brown, and he suddenly responded saying that he had a new position and he has found her resources invaluable in the new position. He thanked her for emails. He also wanted to set up a call to introduce her to colleague who is the CEO of another large hospital who is interested in leadership coaching.

Consistent Follow Up + Assuming Leadership + Transfer of Trust = Success

What if you are like one of my clients in the Fun & Fabulous program last fall who spent 30 days reaching out to 3 LinkedIn connections every day? Sometimes she had a relevant business reason and she shared resources. Quite often she was just checking in and setting up connecting calls. It was all done from a place of authenticity and genuine curiosity.

She got amazing feedback, connections, clients and opportunities!

She’s a raving fan now! This is part of her daily success habits months after the program.

During the 30-Day Challenge I teach you how to set up a simple system to be successful and most importantly, how to use your Authentic Marketing Style to make reaching out and connecting fun, easy, and creative.

You will see the flow of opportunities, optimism, possibilities expanding in your business! That is priceless!

This will help you move from a rollercoaster of income and clients to be more like riding a smooth wave of success!

I hope you’ll join us starting next week for this business-changing program.

Here’s where you can get all the details and register: Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge.

I can’t wait for the creative connections!

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