Want to Learn About My Elegant Enrollment System?

by Laura West

Do you have an elegant process for your sales conversations?

What I mean by that is having a system that feels good to you AND your potential clients.

One where you are helping people determine what they need and understand how you can help them.

One that works to have a real, authentic conversation and seamlessly enroll the right people into your programs and services?

An elegant enrollment system is where you feel so confident in having sales conversations that you even welcome objections!

This is what I am teaching next week in the Joyful Business Studio, my monthly membership community.

I’d love for you to come into the Studio and join us in learning about how to market from joy.

Yes. Joy.

Actually, if you aren’t marketing from joy then you’re marketing from “not joy” and it’s probably repelling clients and opportunities.

I call this “friction.” I love to identify where the friction is in your business and see how we can shift it into “flow.”

That’s what I talk about in the Studio – creating flow in your marketing, mindset and mastery.

All of this (and more) is what I teach in the Joyful Business Studio. I am inviting you to join the Studio and get the support to market from the joy that you crave!

The Joyful Business Studio is my monthly membership program where you’ll get training each month on the joyful approach to Marketing, Mindset and Mastery. You’ll also participate in a monthly Group Coaching Call where you can ask those questions that are getting in the way of you moving forward – and learn from everyone else too!

All focused on helping you grow your business from authenticity and passion… with enough structure for you to be successful!

A couple of things to be aware of:

The first class for June for the Joyful Business Studio is Wednesday, June 5. I don’t want you to miss it since I am teaching about Elegant Enrollment – my natural and authentic way to successful get more clients to say yes!

Also, when you sign up before June 7 – you’ll get an extra special bonus – the entire Studio Library of trainings for FREE!

PLUS (yes, there’s more!), when you sign up by June 7 you also receive a private coaching call with me.

It’s only $97 a month – you’ll get tons of value from the very first month!

Oh, and you’ll love the community! It’s wonderful (and smart) to surround yourself with others who want to create and grow a business with passion, authenticity and real success!

PS: Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 5 so you can make the first class of the month where I teach Elegant Enrollment! Here’s the link for the Joyful Business Studio so you can easily sign up and get your bonuses and be on the training call too!

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