Doors are open! Get your 30-Day Passion Project rolling! Easy low price if you sign up now!


Woohoo!!! The doors are open, and we are ready for the next 30-Day Passion Project!

Are YOU?

I know as a creative type, I “suffer” from so many ideas and so much passion that it’s really easy for me to fritter away my time and energy on a lot of smaller actions… a little of this and a little of that. Those actions that keep me busy but don’t make a huge difference in my Creative Thought Leadership and certainly won’t jump my income.

“Scattered Energy = Scattered Results”

“Focused Energy = Focused Results”

I see it with my clients all the time. Can you relate, too?

You’ve got to get to that project… that one you are probably afraid of…. or pushing aside. The one that will put YOU on the map…get YOU more visibility… establish YOUR thought leadership…and well, feel so good to finally create and launch it into the world!

This 30-day program is going to help you focus on your Passion Project – so you can do all that and more!

It’s 30 days full of creative energy, ideas, focus, support, community to help YOU move your Passion Project into being REAL!

You can check out all the details on this program at 30 Day Passion Project.

We already have women all around the world joining us for a whole 30 days in July/August to focus on their Passion Projects. Just think of the energy, inspiration, and support you’ll get knowing you’re part of this intimate group working on your creative project!

I’ve led this program three times for the past year, and I have to tell you that many of the dozens of women are joining us again… because they got so much out of it… and they’re ready to get their next Passion Projects out!

Wow…. can you imagine? How exciting it is to actually see your Passion Project birthed and out into the world?

Here’s what some of them said:


If you are tired of the same old marketing formulas and ready to tap into your creativity and passion – what makes YOU unique – then you’ll so want to join us!

You’ll get:

  • Telecalls every Monday & Friday – training about your creative process, setting intentions & celebrating successes – all designed to keep your focus alive!
  • Daily Flowmentum™ emails from me with creative tools, visualizations, energy-shifting rituals and practical “get it done” ideas!
  • Private Facebook Community so you can share your projects, ask for help, share resources, get brainstorming & support! (This is SO powerful – you won’t be creating alone!)

This will be one of the most powerful, inspiring, and creative programs you can take all year! Don’t let it pass you by! I want to see your Passion Project come alive!

Go here and sign up now while it’s only $97 (such an incredible value!) … and you can start sharing your Passion Project, asking questions, and giving support to others – right away in our Facebook group!

I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Passion Project and help you create it into being! (Can you tell I’m excited too! I LOVE helping birth these Passion Projects into the world!)



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