Do you hate plans? Make them fun and creative, and you won’t hate them anymore!

I can absolutely understand if you hate plans. When I was in my corporate marketing years, I literally created and reviewed thousands of plans. Once all that hard planning was done, those plans would sit on a shelf in an ugly, boring three-ring binder…. unused.

Ugh! Who wants that!

When I talk about planning in a joyful business way, it’s a NEW way of looking at planning. Blending beauty, creativity, realness, and the idea that all plans are “living.” They will definitely change as you move into action, so you need a system to help you focus and stay committed but enough flexibility to move with real-time feedback and a quick changing world.

And if it’s beautiful, creative, and fun, you’ll actually use it!

This is what we’ll be doing next week at the Virtual Creative Business Studio:

  • Open up to the Vivid Visioning Process so you can open your creativity, ideas and Flowmentum™ to get your ideas into action!
  • Let go of OLD WAYS of goal setting and planning that no longer work
  • Learn new ways of working with Focus AND Flow to creative Living Plans that will support you all year long!
  • Learn my favorite Creative Business Planning Tools – everything from what supplies you need, to how to use them daily, yearly, weekly and monthly.
  • You’ll even get time to take your 2013 ideas and creatively plan them using the Living Business Planning system™.
  • I’ll show you real examples of my own plans using these tools so you can see how they work
  • You will leave feeling more grounded, inspired, and excited about your ideas for 2013!

Sound like fun? Sound like something that would be good for your business? Then join me and other creative, smart entrepreneurs for the Virtual Creative Business Studio.

Date: Wednesday, December 19
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm eastern
Location: Virtually! We’ll be meeting via webinar, so you’ll be able to see the tools I share in action!
Price: Only $97 for this creatively rich ½-day virtual experience!


Find out more and sign up for the Virtual Creative Business Studio!


Let’s make 2013 YOUR year!



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