Do I Have to Use Facebook to Grow My Business?

#1 question from clients this week….

Do I have to use Facebook?

(It is usually said with a bit of a whine and scrunched up face…)

The high level answer?

No of course not! You don’t ever HAVE to use a particular strategy or platform to grow your business..

I will say that there are better questions to ask. For example…

What is your vision for your business?

Do you want to grow your business beyond your current circle? Do you want to be seen as a leader in your market? If no…you can use the traditional method of networking and conversations to fill your business and do the work you love.

However, IF you want to grow your business substantially beyond your current community, take advantage of working with people or companies across the country or globally then you may want to reconsider social media.

IF you want to be more visible and be seen as a leader with a powerful message, social media is an easy way to do that.

Now back to the question about Facebook specifically.

There are other options – Instagram, Linked In, twitter, Pinterest and TikTok all have their own unique environment.

What I always suggest…pick one and do it really well!

Doing it really well…that looks more like being authentic, bold and creative and consistent.

*Ask engaging questions
*Invite people into rich conversations
*Be present and engaged yourself
*Be consistent on your favored platform so WHEN people check in you’re showing up
*Recycle & Upcycle the Good Stuff – Take all that gorgeous content you’ve been creating in classes, workshops, products and programs…and even in coaching conversations and use it on social media for relevant content.

I think the real question is…how can you change your relationship with Facebook (or social media)?

I encourage you to get curious about how you can use your creativity, passion, authentic desire to connect and talk to people on social media. THAT is a marketing strategy worth committing to!

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