Digital Publishing Trends from the Experts: Trend #4 from Sue Painter – Writer and Business Coach

As a Creative Inspirational Leader, keeping on top of trends in digital publishing and content marketing is vital for your business.

The more you know about what’s coming and what’s likely to be popular, the quicker you can apply that information to your business.

And your customers, as well as your competitors, will assume you know what’s going on… in other words, they will see you as a Creative Inspirational Leader in your community.

By combining your own creativity and personal brand with digital publishing, you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd.

Each day, I’ll post the top 10 trends from Future of Ink expert contributors and faculty for the upcoming Digital Publishing Online Intensive 2013.

Sue Painter – Writer and Business Coach:

Here’s a trend I see in digital publishing.  I see more effort to make products (even books) more interactive with the end user.  So digital publishing is becoming an amalgamation of read-only content, video, places to connect and chat, and interactive assessments.

I think this trend will continue as digital publishers seek to give their end user a richer and more varied experience.  Why pay attention?  People buy experiences, so if you get a reputation for providing that, your sales will be more robust.

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