Did you use up your creativity today? Creativity is generative.

I’m a big believer that everyone is creative…in all sorts of different ways!

Some people are creative with cooking (I wish!), some are creative with writing the most amazing rich written words, some find just the perfect spoken words to make you feel better, and some of you are creative in the garden.

The opportunities for where and how you can be creative is endless!

What I also know is that you can’t use up your creativity!

You see, creativity is generative.

The more you use your creativity, the more creativity you generate for other things.

In business we use creativity all day long. I made a list when I was writing this newsletter…and I already had a list of over 20 ways I used creativity and it was only 1:00!

2021 feels like the year to go deep into our creativity. To find our authentic path to discover, unlock, reconnect, and feed our creativity.

We have no patience for anything that only plays on the surface. We are all craving more depth, more realness and intimacy.

Creativity is a doorway into this soul-full rich place.

As you give yourself permission to be creative in one area it will infuse your creativity in other areas!

Stay tuned as I share more ways you can unlock your creativity and how to use your creative expression to create a soul-nourishing business!

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To your Beautiful Brilliance and Success,

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