The Definition of Crazy…


If you want to grow your business, expand your impact, create more income streams and help more people… in essence, if you want to create a Big Ripple, then…

You’ve got to do something different.

You’ve heard the definition of crazy… doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Trust me. I know.

The only way I can grow my business – isn’t to keep doing the same things I’ve always done – it’s to create systems for my daily work and consistent marketing and then create a plan when those new ideas are doing to happen in my year.

Being willing to commit to my ideas!

To make sure that this year… will truly be different!

What if this year you developed a business plan? One that is creative, beautiful, organized and helps you focus all year long?

Do you think things would be different if you could focus, follow through and get to your brilliant ideas?

I know the answer for sure is – YES!

I’ve developed a system to help you do just that –

  • Get your ideas out of your head (eliminating the stuckness of brain clutter.)
  • Organize those ideas into priorities.
  • Help you make decisions on what to focus on first.
  • Plan out the marketing strategies and program/product offerings so you can relax knowing you’ve got it handled!
  • AND… keep using this plan every day! (No more getting excited about creating a plan and then forgetting all about it as it gets buried!)

Check out the details of the Creative Business Planning System.

When you sign up today you’ll SAVE $$ (gotta love that!) AND as a bonus you can join us for Friday’s Virtual Planning Day!

No worries if you can’t join us – I provide short videos for all the tools so it’s easy to do on your own!

I’m loving seeing all the pictures of how everyone is using the creative business tools to plan, organize and take action on their year!

Happy Expansion in 2018!

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