Deepening Your Magnetic Vibrational Energy

Are you feeling the call to expand your business?

Do you feel like it’s your time to bring your soul work out to a wider audience?

Is this the year to step into your brave leadership to introduce your work to more people – those who are wishing they had a solution like yours?

Only you can decide that this is your time.

And it is a decision.

Sometimes it happens by accident. But usually those “accidents” are preceded by lots of doing the work again and again so that you’re in the right place at the right time.

Wayne Dyer was famous for saying he was an overnight success. It happened overnight after he spend 14 years writing 9 books!

The opportunities will find you when you show up.

Magic and Miracles are all around you.

That’s how magic and miracles work.

You align the energy on the inside. Then listen and take inspired actions on the outside.

But you do have to show up!

You have to raise your hand and YES I’m ready!

That is the first step.

Then see yourself as already having achieved the success you’re asking for. See yourself on stage, having written the book, working with amazing clients, making fantastic money, getting asked to participate in collaborations.

See who you are being in all of your success.

See yourself as trusting, moving forward in faith, showing up as a leader with a message and sharing with deep conviction.

See yourself sharing your passion and mission with your authentic marketing style!

Breathe in and out slowly and intentionally as you hold this powerful vision.

As you see your radiant self, attracting opportunities to you easily, see yourself handling the visibility and the success with grace and ease.

See yourself as being supported by champions of your message in all sorts of forms…administratively, by a coach, by colleagues in a mastermind group. They all see your brilliance and want to support you in bringing your vision alive!

Notice how the more you dream and use your imagination, the stronger your vibrational energy is and the deeper the conviction gets.

Can you feel it?

Notice where in your body it feels the most alive. For me, I usually notice it first by an expansive feeling in my heart and then it moved down into my solar plexus. I start feeling compelled to connect and take action.

How about you? Where do you feel it when you are in vibrational alignment with your expansive vision?

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