Creativity – The Greatest Rebellion of All!

What if you could invite an expansion into your business, share your Soul Work in a bigger way, and turn ordinary-seeming passions, ideas, and expertise into the extraordinary?

My next Creative Business Retreat is coming up, and it will be unlike any retreat you’ve ever experienced.

It is true business alchemy.

Using creativity, you’ll turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

There’s a chant song I listen to and during the song you hear a man say: “Creativity is the greatest rebellion. Go be creative!”

I believe that wholeheartedly. You want to change the world? Unlock your creativity so you can so forth and create change with your work.

During the retreat we’ll dive into the deep, rich soil of our raw materials of our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and energy, and prepare ourselves to meet the greater world with fierce love, passion, and oodles of creativity – and we’ll do it all by the sea!

Doesn’t that sound incredible? You’ll build amazing relationships with other creative women business owners, receive wise and intuitive coaching, and create a plan for your What’s Next! And you’ll do it all in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I hope you’ll join me for this transformational creative experience to expand your business and make even more money doing what you love, while creating the extraordinary… but remember, space is VERY limited.

Visit my website now to schedule a time to talk about this amazing experience by the sea with me!

See you by the sea!

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