Creativity is Your Most Powerful Tool for the Future

Does it seem like the world is turning into the wild west?

In many ways it is.

As people who want to make a positive difference in the world we are already pioneers. Add to that wild frontier that everything is changing, speeding up.

That creates a lot of chaos and uncertainty.

We used to know the rules or at least have some idea. Now all the rules are changing.

Things we used to know for sure…are on slippery shifting sand.

When we look into the future…one thing we know for sure is that there is a lot of change and uncertainty.

There will be more of it. Lots of it.

A futurist I follow points out the rate of change coming soon, looks like a line going almost straight up on a graph!

Technology is advancing faster than we can keep up.

Boomers are redefining retirement (they just haven’t found a good new word for it yet).

Artificial Intelligence, while we may be frustrated with the endless voice mail loops, it’s all changing rapidly and will impact the way we live and do business.

You might wonder what AI has to do with YOUR business? Well, just think of online communities that are bursting on the scene, and all the apps, games, automation are the tip of the ice berg.

As creative entrepreneurs we need to lean into the “creative” part now more than ever.

There is power in embracing our ability to be creative. It’s the only way to take back your power in this uncertain and everchanging world.

Rules of creativity? That is an oxymoron.

Here’s a few guide rails for cultivating your creativity:

Accepting what is.
Stop leaking energy by fighting what is showing up now. Focusing on the way it used to be is draining your life force.

Be curious.
Catch yourself going into judgement and resistance and instead lean into fascination. Not making the money you want to be making? Be curious about the possibilities instead of being judgmental about yourself. Get curious about how to be more creative, authentic and bold with your voice.

Breathe into the uncomfortable.
Breathing is one of the best resiliency tools there is. When you feel uncomfortable and you want to resist or rant against what’s going on now…breathe. From the events in Urkraine and in our country, to the endless verification code loops. Consciously breathe.

Pause. A lot.
It’s ok to slow down and not go fast even when, especially when, everything around you is going fast. Pausing is where your power lies.

Choose again.
This is where your creativity comes in handy! You get to make a fresh new choice. Your emails aren’t working or getting lost in junk folders? What is a different way to nurture your Soul Tribe? Keep experimenting and choosing.

For growing your business…what got you here isn’t going to get you there.

Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean you are wrong, or bad or out of date. The world is moving fast. It’s time to make friends with the idea that you won’t understand a lot of things, quite often.

Go back to Acceptance. Being Curious.

Take a creative step toward your heart’s desire anyway.

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