Save on the Creative Plan and What I’m Up To…

by Laura West

I’m off to my parents this weekend. My sister will come down from Greenville and we’ll come up from Atlanta. My sister has 3 young men and I have 2 so it’s a lot of boy energy every year!

It’s never dull!

We do an extended version of a white elephant for the boys. We have 20 wrapped packages of small gifts. They take turns picking a gift and opening. Then the next person can either take an opened gift or select a wrapped surprise. They go around 5 times!

It’s amazing the trades… I’ll trade you two packs of gum & this neck massager for that Chik-fil-a gift card!

It’s lots of fun!

Speaking of fun and creative ideas…

Did you get your Joyful Business Plan yet?

I wanted to send a last-minute reminder because today is the last day you can save $70!

It’s such an inspiring and creative way to use in your yearly planning ritual! My clients all say how grateful they are for this way to get into planning flow!

Here’s that link again: Joyful Business Plan.

And, I hope to see you on the bonus Virtual Planning Retreat I hold in January! I want to hear what you are up to!

PS: Atlanta Area – would you like to join me in planning in person? This is the 3rd year I’ve held an in-person workshop to create your Joyful Business Plan – it’s so much fun, productive and well, just extra special when we are in person! Here’s the details to sign up: Joyful Business Planning Day.

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