Cool, Creative Gifts for Coaches You Don’t Want to Miss!

by Laura West

Have you heard about the Heart of Coaching Giveaway for coaches, therapists and counselors?

It’s full of really good gifts to help you with advanced coaching skills, marketing strategies and mastering the inner game of being a powerful transformational leader (that’s YOU!)

I know sometimes these gift giveaways can seem overwhelming when there’s 100’s of gifts. This one is really good. 25 leaders in the coaching industry.

I’m impressed by valuable audios, ebooks, tools and more.

In fact, I’m over the moon about what I have created for you – 5 Creative Coaching Tools that you can use with your clients. And, Coaches Guides to go with them.

These tools will help you create shifts and breakthroughs for your clients – and they’ll love you for it. They will think you are so creative and masterful!

And it’s free!

Be sure to check it out at Heart of Coaching Giveaway.

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