Mud Pies & the Creative Business Summit Happening this Week!

by Laura West

Do you ever watch little kids and see how their imagination is always at work? You can give them a couple boxes to play with and suddenly they’re in a rocket ship being catapulted into outer space. Or the all time popular ‘playing house’ where they pretend to be parents to a baby doll, etc.

For me, I used to play in our backyard with berries, leaves and make a mud pie stew served up on a magnolia leaf! Then there was the grapevine trellis that made a beautiful wild jungle for Barbie and Ken to hang out in (except for all the bees the grapes attracted!)

But then something happens, right, the older kids get they aren’t encouraged to continue using their imagination. And then by adulthood, having an imagination really isn’t encouraged.

This happened for me. My creativity shifted into painting faux textured walls and marbleizing furniture.

But there was a definite line between creativity and business.

My creativity had to be surrounded by a lot of professionalism when I was in the corporate world.

Which was pretty much squeezing my creativity dry!

As I got older, and let’s face it, as I started my own business, I started RE-discovering my creativity.

It’s been a process over the years of giving myself permission to let out my creativity in my business more and more.

Now more than ever there are ways to bring your creativity into a business – and have it be profitable!

That’s exactly what my friend, colleague and coach, Kelly McCausey, is helping others do with her Creative Business Summit. It’s a three-day virtual summit with several smart creators who are profiting from their creativity. You’ll hear from: (just look at their business names and you’ll feel inspired!)

  • Rayven Monique – Color Happy
  • Elaine Allen – Start In Art
  • Staci Ann Lowry – The Ornament Girl
  • Liz Latham – Simple Easy Creative
  • Rosie Battisa – Ink Play Love
  • Lynette Chandler – Thrive Anywhere
  • Laurel Ryan – Nautically Northern
  • Elizabeth Richardson – Fangboner Farms
  • Maria Dismondy – Cardinal Rule Press
  • Laura Fedorowicz – Artist
  • Tina Burk – Artistic Urn
  • Shari-Beth Susskind – Artist
  • And me, Laura West, Center for Joyful Business – I’m actually one of the pre-summit interviews that you can watch right away!

These gals are creatives of varying degrees of experience and success who are operating in different interesting business models. Whether they’re making a few bucks or multiple six figures, I think we can learn something great from everyone!

It’s happening this week and you can sign up for free.

Let me know what inspiration you get from the Summit!

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