JBTV – Creative Business Planning – Favorite Episodes!

I have to admit it… I love planning. Planning, planners, there’s something about a good plan.

Of course, plans only take you so far… you have to move past your fears/doubt/concerns/trust issues… and step into action.

And… a good plan will guide you along the way… and be flexible enough to remind you of what’s important, while letting you pivot and shift when you need to.

I wanted to share some inspiration with you about planning.

Here are episodes of Joyful Business TV where I’m sharing my best creative planning advice and ideas:

Episode #2: Creative Business Planning – Part 1

Episode #3: Easy, Creative & Practical Business Planning

Episode #5: Grow Your Business with Passion Projects

Episode #35: The Power of a 90 Day Be-Do Plan

These are 30 minute soul strategies for your business! Perfect for that drive or flight – put on the airpods and immerse yourself in the Joyful Business approach to growing your business!

I hope you are savoring all of your favorite holiday rituals this year. I am writing this email with all my holiday lights on! I love lights!!

You can watch these episodes here!

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