Creative Biz Ideas from Singapore’s Supertrees!

This is fascinating! Singapore’s Supertrees!

Beauty + Creativity + Practical!

Just launching this weekend – The man-made mechanical forest consists of 18 Supertrees that act as vertical gardens, generating solar power, acting as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories, and collecting rainwater.

These trees act as a vertical tropical garden, as the engine room for the environmental systems of the conservatory, and as rainwater receptacles. They will also be lit up at night, & some will connect by walkways to provide an aerial view of the garden.

How can you combine Beauty + Creativity + Practical in your business?

Here are the ideas and possibilities that come to mind when I see this project:

*How could you partner with someone to bring your creativity out into the world in a bigger way?

*Where can you add beauty to your marketing to “move” people – to inspire them?  People are thirsting to be moved and engaged!

*What ideas do you have that seem to CRAZY, so out there, that you are afraid of what others will think?  Take a step in THAT direction!  (what IF you could break through the info clutter & overwhelm and get attention?)

Love to hear what ideas come up for you!  Please post below….

PS:  Thanks to Fast Company’s Co-Exist for sharing this story and fab photos!

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