JBTV – Creating a Vivid Vision that Inspires You!

I’m doing the Friday Happy Dance! Are you?

I am excited to create a new office space this weekend! I’ve been geeking out on looking at bookcases, stand up desks and cool new lighting. My man is picking up the bookcases and has volunteered to be the handy man hero! (While I practice the art of receiving)

I can’t wait to get to the part where I get to arrange my books, plants and favorite things!

Part of my Vivid Vision for 2023 is to make use of my extra bedroom and finally turn it into a beautiful office and art space… with just enough room to have a temporary bed for my sons to visit.

It’s got me very excited! I can’t wait to be standing up (Aren’t you tired of sitting on zoom all day too?) and have a fun creative backdrop behind me.

Stay tuned for more about that…

Meanwhile, I’m back for my first episode of Joyful Business TV for 2023!

This episode, I’m sharing about how to create a Vivid Vision that pulls you forward all year long!

I love the creative power of having a vision to inspire and lead you to create a wildly successful business & life! It’s about the accomplishments, successes, and most importantly, who you are Being and how it makes you FEEL!

In this episode I share:
*How to create your Vivid Vision.
*What to include and why.
*Ideas for your unique vision that will compel you and inspire you.
*What to do to keep your Vivid Vision alive and pull you forward each day.
*Intention Cards and how they can keep your vision fresh and exciting.
*Why the universe needs to know your vision.
*The power of creating an Energy Jam to keep the energy and vibration high for creating and attracting success BEYOND your vision. (You can create your own Energy Jam here).

You can watch this episode here!

You can also watch Joyful Business TV on your TV or laptop!

Just go to Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV! Search for the WIN WIN Women Show and browse for Joyful Business TV.

I hope you enjoy JBTV – it’s a refreshing authentic new way to grow your business… from the inside out!

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Please feel free to send me an email or comment on social media!

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