Favorite Things: You Can Create Your Own Card Deck

by Laura West

One of my favorite ways to start the day is by pulling a card from one of my favorite card decks.

I love getting a bit of wisdom or a shift in perspective for what I need that day.

These card decks are so popular! I have lots of decks… Goddess cards, mermaids, flowers, earth magic, shaman, oracle, and more.

Have you ever thought about creating your own card deck?

My friend and colleague, Marcy Nelson-Garrison – my favorite “product” queen can help make this easy and successful!

She says that no matter what niche you’re in…

…offering a card deck-based product is a really hot trend.

You can create card decks for inspiration, motivation, training, spiritual guidance, creativity, conversation starters and more.

(And in case you haven’t noticed, pretty much every Hay House author also has a card deck!)

In other words – they’re hot.

A card deck provides a fresh new way to engage your clients, they are a perfect way to share your wisdom and expertise and…

…a card deck product can be an easy money maker for you!

But if you are going to do it, you want to do it right.

Marcy’s offering a free ebook that gives you the inside scoop on how to create a best-selling card deck.

She’s the only one I would trust to steer you in the right direction. Go grab it here.

I’d love to hear about your card deck ideas!

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