Video: Courageous Creativity in Business means …


When I talk about Courageous Creativity in Business…

I’m talking about doing things differently.

Taking big, courageous leaps – sometimes leaps of faith – in how you show up, what you write, how you run your business, and especially in how you market your business.

I try to walk that talk… If I’m going to lead a mastermind group on Courageous Creativity in Business, then I’d better damn well stretch and do things outside my comfort zone.

Stretch into courageously sharing my message in a bolder, more authentic way.

I’ve been designing marketing plans for forever, it seems.  Seriously, I’ve been marketing since I was 16 and helped market the insurance agency I was a secretary for – do they even call people secretaries anymore?

Then I became a marketing manager for a shopping center in Chesapeake, Virginia…and worked my way “up” to VP of Marketing.  So…marketing is in my blood. (and sweat and tears!)

But…marketing myself…that was a whole new ballgame when I started my coaching business over 13 years ago.

Marketing yourself is full of JoyFEAR.

Taking a leap of faith and vulnerability by being brave, courageous and creative in your business is a whole other level!

Courageous Creativity in Business looks like…

Being uniquely YOU.

Letting your heart design your marketing plan.

Saying YES to a big idea.

Saying NO to lots of little ideas.

Nurturing your creative spirit so you can channel it into Passion Projects.

Surrounding yourself with like-spirited people who love your idea into being!

I created a special video for my upcoming Courageous Creativity In Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea year long program.

Take a look…see if it speaks to you…

There’s not a lot of marketing speak… it’s more of a feeling, a vibration that you get for how this program will unfold.

If this type of experience speaks to you along with that support for stepping up in a big way, taking courageous leaps, doing things differently – then you might be ready for the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea.

If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email and ask for the Information Package. I’m happy to share it with you. (I am sure it will inspire you!)


 Once you review the program in more detail, then we can set up a time for a phone call to find out if it’s truly the right program for you. (I’ve had several phone calls over the last four weeks… and for some it’s the perfect thing they have been looking for. For others, it’s a bit premature or maybe the timing is off… that’s ok, I may have other programs that can support you.)

This is a small intimate group of creative women I will support throughout the year, and they’ll champion each other too! There’s only room for 6-8 women, and a few of the spots are filled already. So don’t wait… if this calls to you, then let’s talk about it!

(And – this Friday, February 14, is the early bird deadline for you to save big money on your big leaps.)

Here’s to what I know for sure… Nurturing your creative spirit personally so you can let out your creativity in a bigger way through your business is what will shift your success!

Isn’t it time?



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