Courage, Creativity, Business, and the Sea


Let me ask you, if you stepped into your brave self… what would be different?

How would this change your business? How would it change your life?

I know many of you are feeling that tug inside… of something that is so ready to burst out … and be seen.

And yet… that tug… it’s often full of JoyFEAR.

That delicious inspiration of your creative idea being born, along with a certain amount of vulnerability, doubt, or even second guessing.

The world is calling us to step into our creative power, our creative ideas, and even our creative confidence… and share them with the world in a whole new way.

That takes a lot of courage.

I’m here to share the good news… you don’t have to do it alone.

I am gathering a special group of women entrepreneurs who are ready to embark on this Courageous Creativity journey with me. To support you (and each other) in getting that “brave work” out into the world.

It might look like embracing your expertise in a new way or even stepping into being a Creative Thought Leader.

It definitely looks like…


Your vision coming alive.



Unique creativity unleashed.



A year of inspiration come to life.



Action with fun & play.



Sidedoor creative tools to get you into Flowmentum.


I have created a very special, new kind of mastermind to support your courageous creativity so you can finally, visibly step into being a Creative Inspirational Leader.

Whatever that looks like for you… I know it’s unique & original.

I can’t wait to help you reveal it and nurture it alive!

Welcome to Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea.

This is a 10-month – exclusive – collaborative circle – amazing women – putting courageous creativity into the world.


A little taste of what this special intimate program includes…

  • Virtual experiences, tools and content you unlock and uncover your creativity
  • Weekly group coaching to support you in getting your creative idea into the light of day
  • Private coaching with me to break down the barriers to your creative dream & create your unique marketing plan to support your Authentic Marketing Style
  • Monthly Creative Content that focuses on owning your expertise and leadership in a new way and growing a business that works for you!
  • A small collaborative community of like-minded souls with big committed hearts
  • Easy art projects that help you loosen up, get into the flow and take risk.


  • 2 retreats by the sea – talk about juicy aliveness (oh yeah!)


This is a mastermind like no other… we’ll combine intuitive art and it’s transformational power to help open up your creative expression personally & in your business.

Are you ready to be brave?


If you want to find out more about the Courageous Creativity In Business Mastermind-by-the-Sea, I’ll talk with you personally to see if this is right for you, and, of course, I’ll share more of the juicy details. You can just email me to set up a time to chat, and I’ll send you more information.

Looking forward to helping you on your creative path,

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