{Infographic} Your Business Grows with Connections and Conversations

by Laura West

I’m out of the office today being with my Mom and Dad as my Mom gets her second hip surgery. She put off the first surgery for a very long time out of worry. Once she had it done, she was so ready to get the next hip replaced!

Last year, when she finally admitted (to everyone and herself!) how much pain she was in then she couldn’t hold off any longer. She took the next step and asked for a recommendation from her family doctor. Then she made a call to have a consultation with the hip surgeon. Then we did some research. Then she came back to set up a final consultation to find out the specifics and schedule a time for the surgery.

This isn’t unlike our own clients.

They have a pain and a dream. In my mom’s case, it’s debilitating pain and a dream of walking and moving more freely – pain free.

Your client has a pain too. And a dream. (Do you know what it is? You need to know so you can talk to them in their language.)

Before my Mom jumped into making an appointment for her first surgery – there were several phone calls and in person visits.

This is often what happens for us.

Not every conversation is a direct sales conversation. I’m sharing with you the 5 Most Common Types of Conversations you’ll have with a new person you meet.

All of these calls are helpful and important in growing your business – from the Get to Know You Call to the Consultation or Sales Conversation.

Here’s the deal though… if you shy away from sales conversations because you are uncomfortable or too nervous to make an offer then you’ll never grow your business.

So many people I talk to (especially creatives, highly sensitive peeps, and heart-centered entrepreneurs) are so worried about being salesy that they do a poor job on a call with a potential client because they didn’t know what to do on the call.

It’s more than just letting a potential client talk about their problem.

And, it’s not about convincing them to sign up for your amazing service or cool new program.

There’s a way of having a sales conversation that is based on mutual respect, generosity of heart and a genuine desire to help that person on the other end of the phone be more successful.

I call this process Elegant Enrollment.

This isn’t an uncomfortable sales process you do TO people. It’s a natural conversation that you take people through FOR their benefit… and yours.

If you know your sales conversations can be better – so you actually get more people becoming clients, then you’ll want my new Elegant Enrollment training.

It’s super easy and quick to take the natural script and customize it for your style and industry.

Here’s where you can get immediate access to the Elegant Enrollment training video, custom script and objection worksheet.

I can’t wait to hear how this helps you with your sales conversations!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success,

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