JBTV – Conscious Creative Collaborations That Are Fun AND Successful!

I’m super excited to bring this episode of Joyful Business TV to you today! Happy Friday by the way!

I get asked to collaborate pretty often. Usually, it looks like… there’s a person who likes my message and wants to jump in and quickly create a workshop together. They want to bypass a conscious conversation about expectations, assumptions and the who-is-bringing-what-to-the-table.

I’ve learned over the years that you can squander a lot of precious time, energy and effort… and be disappointed if you skip the conscious conversation.

In this episode, I share some of my best advice on how to design a Conscious Creative Collaboration so you can take advantage of all the great ideas and the power of creating with another creative soul!

Episode #41: Conscious Creative Collaborations That Are Fun AND Successful!

In this episode I talk about:
*What is a conscious creative collaboration?
*How unspoken assumptions and expectations can ruin a collaboration… and a friendship!
*8 ways to creatively collaborate.
*The Collaboration Formula for fair and equitable revenue share.

And so much more that will help you grow your business with ease and elegance!

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I hope you enjoy JBTV – it’s a refreshing authentic new way to grow your business… from the inside out!

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