It’s Not Too Late! Let’s Talk Today About You Coming to the Retreat!

by Laura West

I’m taking some time off next week to create and to play! Yay!

I’m taking a few days to walk, drum, write and create a few projects that have been on my calendar for this summer and then I’m taking off the end of the week to visit my parents and go visit a friend in Asheville.

I know the importance of taking time away from the business – both time to work ON the business instead of IN the business… and also time away to fill up the well.

Doing this regularly is what helps you tap into manifesting in a bigger way with more ease and grace.

But before I go, I’d love to talk with you about my upcoming retreat in October on the coast of Virginia Beach.

Today is the last day of the early bird savings so I’m around all day if you want to talk and see about you coming to this amazing experience.

Just email me and I’ll be on the watch for it! 🙂

We can jump on the phone and talk about the retreat and what to expect. Ok, don’t wait because I want you to get one of the last couple of spots!

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