Say NO to Cold Calls!

by Laura West

I don’t make cold calls. Ever.

I wouldn’t expect you to either.

Instead… What if you started every day reaching out to spread joy, abundance, curiosity and creative possibilities in the world?

That sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it?

Imagine all the cool & interesting conversations you would have.

See yourself walking around with a smile because you feel good about sharing your work and inspiring others at the same time.

Feel just how good this feels.

Notice that little dance in your step.

Notice your confidence rising.

Notice that you feel fabulous because you are taking action instead of sitting there in indecision or confusion.

I realized that many of you think that when I talk about the importance of “Following Up” that you thought I meant you have to be making cold calls.

Heck no!

Like I said. I don’t make cold calls.

I make warm connections.

I fan the small warm fire of connection into a possibility of how we might be able to help each other – either as a client or referral partner or just an inspiration bud.

Creating a follow up plan every day will change things in your business.

It’s so much more fun when you learn how and make it fun!

So why don’t you join us for the… Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge!

And learn how to fan the flame of warm connections into greater possibilities!

Don’t wait – we start on Monday!

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