#3 Black Friday Weekend Invitation – Chakra Dance and Your Business

by Laura West.

Last Sunday I did a dance class. It was about dancing with the archetypes of the divine feminine. Cool title, right? It was just an amazing experience!

Enough structure to feel safe and get over being awkward and then amazing freedom to move your body how the energy wanted to be expressed.

I was so inspired by how the class shifted my energy and amped up my connection to purpose and opened up ideas that I did a quick facebook live video for my Big Ripples Facebook group talking about the power of moving your body and business.

So, today, I have 2 invitations for you…

Join my Big Ripples facebook group if you want more inspiration, ideas and connection like this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bigripples

Go out today and move your body! Take a walk, dance, stretch, do yoga, find a class, walk with a friend… see how your mood and attitude shift and how it helps you get new fresh ideas!

Moving your body – a success habit for you and your business!


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