Get Your Year-End Celebrations Ritual!

by Laura West

How are you honoring your 2019 year this week?

I’ve always watched the ball drop and toasted in the new year with friends and family. This is the second year that I have gone away to celebrate the transition with a 4-day yoga and meditation retreat.

It was different last year to not watch the clock and count down and instead meditate through the shift. I was surprised at how much of a ritual the countdown had been. I was also surprised at how powerful it was to embrace being in the moment and surrendering to the change in the calendar.

We know it’s so much more than a change in a man-made calendar. There’s a shift in energy that happens around the world.

Over the last 6 years I’ve completed a year end ritual of writing down all of my Celebrations, Milestones and Accomplishments on a mindmap. I mean ALL of them… yes, the business stuff but also the personal stuff. The DO-ing accomplishments but also the powerful BE-ing shifts too.

I’d love to share with you my Celebrations Creative worksheet. It’s super simple to use and deceptively powerful!

You can use it to create your own sacred ritual for completing the year with success!

Get your Celebrations Creative Worksheet here.

Wishing you a wonderful celebrating and honoring of all things, people, situations and learnings from this year!

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