Capture the Celebrations, Milestones and Successes of 2017!


A powerful ritual to complete and honor the end of the year is to write down all the celebrations, milestones and successes of the past year.

The big accomplishments.

The little actions that have significance to you.

Business successes.

Life adventures.

BE-ing successes. Honoring who you were over the past year to get through, create, shape your year.

I do this every year and I’m always amazed at how powerful it is. I usually have an idea in my mind of the year and how it went. It’s always SO MUCH MORE than I realized once I do this creative ritual.

I use a mindmap format so that it flows easily. I like to leave it out for a few days because I always come up with more than I expected and I keep adding to it.

It’s so easy to end the year focusing on what you DIDN’T do. That’s where we naturally focus.

When you do this Celebration ritual you will be amazed at what you did and how you showed up over the year. There is so much you have forgotten.

It always give me and my clients a renewed sense of confidence and personal power.

This mindmap is a part of my Creative Business Planning System©. If you’d like to get your own copy you can do it here: Easy Creative Business Plan.

The whole process of creating your business plan in a more creative, feminine and intuitive way makes it so much easier than other planning templates.

The Celebration Mindmap is just ONE of the creative tools you’ll receive access to. I have people from around the world working on their creative business plans and they all talk about how excited they are to complete a plan AND use it all year round for guidance.

Let me know if you have any questions! I can’t wait to hear more about your plans for 2018!

PS: I also wanted to mention how amazing it is to look at your Celebration Mindmap year after year and see your progress. In your business AND in your personal growth! Very powerful.

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