JBTV – Calling in Your Room 2 Clients!

I took a break from my business for a long weekend in the Highlands of North Carolina.

I am going through my own big upgrade. I find that when I’m going through a big shift I have to take more time outside the office.

I need more support, coaching and help in letting go and stepping in… and lots of nature!

So, I canceled my trip to a big conference inside a hotel room – even thought I’m sure it would be good. I decided I needed to find an opportunity to let go and embrace my wild, creative heart – at a 5 rhythms dance workshop all weekend in the mountains!

Speaking of upgrades…

The more you expand… the space and support you need. It’s less about more information and more about giving your mind, body and soul support!

This week’s episode of Joyful Business TV is about upgrading from good clients to what I call Room 2 clients – your GREAT clients!

I talk about how this will change your business and how important it is when you are going through a big shift to make sure you focus on the business energetics as well as the marketing strategy.

I would love to hear how this resonates for you! Please feel free to let me know!

#60: Call in Your Room 2 Clients!

Find out how to attract your upleveled Room 2 clients! It’s about the business energetics plus marketing strategy.

As a heart-centered and soul-led entrepreneur you have good clients and you have great clients! Knowing the difference and aligning inside and out with your Room 2 clients will change your success!

Listen in for mind-shifting episode for a different way to think about your clients!

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