Joyful Business Planning Facebook Live Show!

by Laura West.

Today I am talking about pulling it all together – your Focus First priorities for marketing, products and programs all into a yearly plan. Then take that yearly plan and break it into bite-size 90-day goals, weekly and daily to-do’s!

Before you head off for the holiday break don’t forget to get your 2019 Joyful Business Plan – & get the SUPER SAVER rate until tomorrow!

Here’s what you get in the new 2019 version:

  • 16 Playsheets for getting clear about your business, your offers and marketing strategies
  • 6 Creative Planners for your marketing, social media – for the year, 90 days and DAILY! Never wonder what to do again!
  • 4 Essential Idea and Project organizers and planners – this will help you focus beyond just your yearly planning day! You’ll use these all year long!
  • 25+ short action-packed video trainings so you know how to work with your playsheets and planners and can jump right in!
  • 1 Virtual Planning Retreat – so you have time and accountability to get your plan done!
  • 1 Idea packed Facebook Community for support!
  • PLUS so much more!

For years my clients have raved about my creative approach to business planning. That’s why I put it all together in a beautiful, creative and yet oh-so-practical planning system for you!

When you get your plan – you’ll get instant access to the new 2019 Joyful Business Plan, and trainings… and get in on the January 11th planning day!

I hope you’ll join us in creating an extraordinary 2019!


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