Burned by a business coach?

Recently I was leading a class with a group of seasoned coaches and entrepreneurs, at the end of the class it came out that several of them were hesitant to work with a business coach again because of a previous bad experience.

The PTSD of spending too much money and not getting enough in return was still alive within them.

Can you relate? Maybe you’ve had a similar experience?

I’ve been disappointed too. 

I’ve spent over $200,000 on various coaches through the decades. I had coaches who were on the high end who only answered questions in a Facebook group (but you have to keep the questions short because she couldn’t read all the background info), or coaches who do drive-by coaching without knowing anything about me or my business. Very frustrating.

I still shudder at the guy who recommended I call 100 people a week in order to get new clients. Really? Do you really think that is going to work for ME? 

Or the coach who told someone in our group in front of everyone that she had a stupid dream. Whaaat?  She immediately lost my respect as a coach if that’s the best way she knew to use her words!


Does this stop me from getting the support I want and deserve?

Of course not. My dream is too big and too important to be stopped by a couple of bad coaches or poorly designed programs.

What it has done is made me more discerning.

How about you?

Your dream is too big and too important too!

Are you letting a bad experience stop you from getting the support you need to bring your SoulWork out in a bigger way?

That is the negative ego at play in a sneaky and creative way!

Your very creative inner critic is stopping you from growing your business by looking like it’s trying to protect you from making another bad decision. 

What it’s really doing is keeping you Small. Safe. Protected. 

And Broke. And a Hidden Secret. And disappointed with yourself.

It’s time to take back your power.

You are smart. You can be discerning too. 

When you get clear about your big business dream AND get clear about the type of support you want…then YOU can call her/him in!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking for a business coach:

>>Do you want a hard-core business coach who tells you what you have to do or do you want someone who is more creative and focused on finding your authentic style?

There’s no right answer — just the right answer for you.>>If you are highly empathic, sensitive, and creative, does your coach get that and understand how to help you navigate the creation, sales, and visibility that is unique to you?

I once worked with a coach who was so intense that my nervous system wanted to shut everything down. The strategies they were asking me to do were not in alignment with my core values. I pushed back and stood my ground for authentic connection and elegant enrollment. We didn’t work together for long but I got more clear on how I want to be seen, heard, and understood in my coaching relationship.

It’s not that I don’t want to be stretched, of course I do. But I want to be compassionately stretched with appreciation for my unique ecosystem, not shoved into someone else’s idea of a perfect marketing strategy. Can you relate?

>>Do you want a specialty coach for a specific project? Do you want someone to help you with creating the best Instagram reels specifically (for example), or someone who will help you in or with creating your overall best strategies for growing your business?

Sometimes you want to work with a coach/trainer who has a specialty in the specific project you are creating. I find that I need both. I need someone who holds my bigger vision, champions me when I can’t see my gifts and helps me move forward at a pace that works for me and my unique sensitive style. And then I hire expert trainers who can share specific knowledge.

>>How long has a coach been in business? 

More decades of experience doesn’t always mean they are up with the latest marketing trends but they have weathered the different economic, pandemic, and changing markets and trends, and they know about what it takes in this current economy and how you need to do things differently. 

>>Do you want someone who understands your lifestyle business that is equally focused on changing lives and making money?

It’s important to understand what cycle you are in your life – are you taking care of young kids, running the mom taxi, or maybe taking care of a health-challenged parent or partner? You can have a big business dream and show up for life in a way that feels right, but make sure your coach holds your vision for your life and your business.

What is the help you really need help with in your business?

I have found that I can recommend strategies for a client, but unless they are aligned from the inside…they won’t do it. 

That’s why I spent a huge amount of time onyour mindset, new empowered identity and the energetics. They are just as important as finding your Authentic Marketing Strategy. There are 100’s of marketing ideas but you have to be aligned with how to take that bold, courageous action!
I have so much more I could share about this, but I’ll share one more thing. There’s more to your big dream than getting the client. There is a part about finding your voice…your philosophy, your view of the world and having the courage to stand up and stand out to share it. 

When you do that…the clients are magnetic!

I hope this helps you think more clearly about hiring a business coach. 

If you think I might be the right business coach for you, then let’s talk! 

I have a couple of spots open for 2024 Activate Your SoulWork private coaching.

I love helping changemakers step into their leadership and share their gifts to make a bigger impact while making great money.

Creating a uniquely supportive ecosystem for you to truly flourish!  

Here’s a sweet deal…

If we talk in 2023 and you say YES to working together in 2024…

I’ll honor the 2023 pricing! 

Huge savings as all my programs are upleveling and shifting. 

You’ll get the savings plus all the new creative trainings and support I am creating – at 2023 prices. (I can’t wait to share more!)

>>We have to talk before December 20th when we shut down for the holidays. 

Here’s my calendar link.

I can’t wait to talk to you

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