My #1 Way to Have an Emotional Breakdown

How’s Life? Business?

I’m finding that there’s two levels of conversation with that question, “How are you?”

There’s the first level where we are feeling so much but we don’t want to open the dam quite yet… so we say that things are going “fine.” Or we touch into a place of gratitude for what is working and going well. “I am blessed.” “I really can’t complain.”

And then there is the deeper 2nd level of… “How are you?” This is where we drop our guard and dare to go deeper into our emotional wilderness. Our personally compiled playlist of our rollercoaster of emotions we are experiencing… sometimes all in one morning.

Last week was like everything converged together – the media, the planets, the economic outlook, the fears and worry… many of my clients came to their calls feeling like they were falling apart.

I’m finding for me and my clients that one of our biggest priorities right now is to manage our emotions and our energy. It’s near impossible to get anything done other than the essentials without attention to this.

To keep moving forward in your business, you have to manage your emotions.

Managing your emotions doesn’t mean that you don’t experience them – or compartmentalize. Quite the opposite.

Just like you brush your teeth several times a day… it’s important to check in with your emotions and give them attention. In fact, I would say it’s critical to give your emotions a healthy outlet to express.

Otherwise, when you keep it all bottled up, layers and layers… then you’ll explode over little things that would normally be an irritation but suddenly become a personal affront…like the self-checkout register in Walmart that suddenly freezes halfway through your large weekly purchases. Just saying… that could be an example… sharing from a friend, of course! 😉

There are enough challenges in our world and business with changes in technology, marketing “in these times”, questioning everything you do and say from a whole new level and creating your programs and offers when you’re feeling tired and wanting to be relevant… that you need to free your pent up frustrations/anger/grief/worries so that you can find your Flowmentum again.

Flowmentum = Soul + Flow + Focus

I can tell you that the most common thing I’m hearing from my clients is how our emotions are taking over our business. Without an outlet, we are tired, unfocused, frazzled, overwhelmed… which can easily start a cycle of self-doubt and criticism and letting your negative ego take over driving the bus!

Want to know my #1 favorite way to express my build up layers of emotions throughout the day? It’s super easy… and a little silly… and incredibly freeing!

I keep a stash of copy paper in my deck. In between coaching calls or at the start or end of a day, I’ll take out a sharpie marker and a blank piece of paper and scribble journal.

I let it rip!

I go fast and furious… cursive writing in a messy, random way, all of my feelings, worries, doubt, pissiness, anger, excitement, disappointments, resentments, and courageous hopes that feel tender and vulnerable.

I write really loopy and messy so it’s a free flow.

I overlap my words and sentences.

The more I scribble journal… the more that pours out.

When I’m done. It’s such a catharsis. I feel grounded and can feel my energy flowing in a healthy way again.

A bonus – no one can read my scribbles because it’s so messy! So, they won’t think I’ve lost my mind or be offended by something I was feeling in the moment. This is especially important – often it’s not the “thing” that set us off but it’s the building up of pings to our nervous system from the news, the conscious decisions we have to make on what used to be an ordinary errand and the disappointments of not enjoying events, gatherings and connections in the way we took for granted 5 months ago and our worry about our circumstances and future.

So, get out some paper… grab a sharpie or favorite marker. Sharpies are great because they flow easily… when the marker flows easily, your thoughts and emotions will flow more easily.

Then if you’re into art journaling and collage… you can use your Scribble Journal as a layer in your next creation! Or shred it, burn it, make paper airplanes… get creative!

This simple practice can make a big difference in staying focused, centered and productive.

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